21 Jul 2011

Randwick allotments and Finn's Way update

Well at Randwick Parish Council meeting this evening there was lots on the agenda - I gave a report back re District Council stuff and caught up on progress re various projects. I thought in this blog I would look at two items....

Photos: Finn's Way

First allotments - at last we have reached the magic number of 6 residents interested in an allotment. This evening the Parish set up a work party, on which I will sit, to look at where they might be able to go.  This is exciting stuff - when we first set up Whiteshill and Ruscombe allotments few came forward until we had the site then 20 names came out of nowhere - see my film of the allotments here. If you are in Randwick or nearby then write to the Randwick Parish Council Clerk to express interest.

One site that seems to be ruled out (due to the covenant) as a possibility for allotments is Finn's Way - the Parish Council are in the process of taking over ownership from a trust. It will come with a lump sum that I am keen to see invested locally - poss more solar on Randwick Village Hall - win win in that the returns look good  and the income could be used to fund maintenance of Finn's Way. Although not sure if the Parish will go down that route....

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