21 Jul 2011

Cotswold Canal Trust latest news

Ruscombe photographer Mike Gallagher has recently been writing lots for the Cotswold Canal Trust. You can see his various reports on their website: www.cotswoldcanals.com/pages/latest-news.php
It is exciting to see the canal progress - yes still lots to go but significant steps forward - some great paths have been created along stretches of the canal and work will begin very soon on the replacement of two former swing bridges over the canal – Stonehouse Ocean and Chestnut Lane, Stroud. At the Ocean site, a new hand-operated swing bridge will be installed; work having been delayed to allow a wedding to take place on 30th July! While Chestnut Lane will see a full 44 tonne electro-hydraulic bridge.

The website has details - also on the website there is the webcam of the Brewery Bridge construction - the bridge is meant to open today. I also discovered that when the flag is flying the Wallbridge Lock Visitor Centre is open! Worth a visit to find out more about the whole project.

Lastly the first big festival on the canal is due to be held on June 2,3 & 4 next year on Marling School Playing Field. The section of canal from Wallbridge to Stonehouse will by then be restored, and the event is also the 2012 Inland Waterways Association Trailboat Festival and CCT 40th birthday celebrations. Small boats will be operating along the canal offering trips, and they plan to have a horse drawn trip boat. Of course the project will not be completed by then as there is still much to do - not least Brimscombe Port and the developments proposed there.

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