17 Jul 2011

Fairford Tattoo: protesters hand out thousands of leaflets

PlaneSome will remember I noted the Sponsored cycle ride at Fairford to raise awareness about the Tattoo and the very considerable concerns many of us have plus to raise money for victims of depleted uranium - see my blog here and about the petition here calling on the police to investigate the A10s (see more below). Well below is the report last night on Indymedia. I have also spoken with one of the protesters who said the event was wholly peaceful and that the police enabled the protest in a supportive manner.

Protesters pitched up at the gates to the Fairford Air Tattoo today as part of a weekends protest against an event that glorifies war and corporate excess and are set to distribute tens of thousands of leaflets. The protests have targeted the enormous greenhouse gas emissions from the event and how it negates the efforts that thousands of other responsible citizens are making across Gloucestershire to cut their own carbon footprint.

They have also protested against the presence of the American A-10 ground attack plane that was on display. The A-10 is designed specifically to fire depleted uranium shells. This has resulted in thousands of deformed babies being born across Iraq along with a massive risk in childhood cancers. A-10 have also been deployed in Libya.

The use of depleted uranium is a violation of the Geneva Convention and protestors have demanded that Gloucestershire police investigate the pilots. However Gloucestershire Police have advised that this is beyond their jurisdiction.

They have also protested against the presence of Saudi Arabia, whose Hawk Jet display team is present. Saudi Arabia is currently violating human rights in Bahrain and Yemen and at the show corporations are actively trying to sell more high technology weaponry to them. Saudi Arabia also has the audacity to demand a slice of the $100 billion fund set aside for climate change adaption, despite it lobbing against climate change agreements and squandering its resources on air displays around the world.

Protesters would like to thank the police for their concern that these vital issues being raised may have put us in danger and the protection that they provided.  Protests will continue tomorrow.

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