6 Jun 2011

Stroud arts festival: over 460 artists in 78 sites!!

We have just had the wonderful International Textile Festival here in Stroud. Now it is time for the 15th Site Festival 2011 - see details here and download a programme here. It gets bigger and better - over 460 artists at 78 sites!

Well on Saturday I made the opening of the taster of the Site Open studios at the Museum in the Park. It was lots of fun indeed and as usual came away inspired and wanting to do lots of creative things...
The photos in this blog posting are of paintings by  Matthew Curtis': he got my vote for the best in that exhibition - loved his pics. The next pic has Whiteshill's Dorte Shelly's pic in the background (I think entitled Daffodil carriage - apols if I got that wrong)...also in pic to right is Randwick artist, Moira Buckley who has also got pieces at the exhibition. Next up in the last photo was one of my granddaughters favorites...'A Flock of Snippety Snips' by Corinne Hockley.

With all the cuts to arts funding I fear for the future of such wonderful events - it is extraordinary that Stroud has such an incredible number of artists - they also play a part in making Stroud the special place it is to live in....as The Telegraph once said Stroud is to art what Hay-on-Wye is to book...

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