25 May 2011

Whiteshill and Ruscombe gardens raise over £2,000!

Sunday saw Whiteshill and Ruscombe alive with people when 13 gardens opened to the public - see here. Well I've just had a quick email from Vanessa Price, one of the organisers with some of the feedback. She has given me permission to copy it here:

The day was very successful with over 430 visitors from far and wide (Swindon, Bristol, Coventry to name a few). We made £1740 on gate sales alone and £315 on refreshments at the Chapel. The feedback we had from visitors was so positive with people saying the villages were so pretty and that the views are amazing.

We were so surprised at peoples comments and how they were so pleased to see normal gardens and how we have dealt with the difficulties of gardening up steep banks etc. They appreciated the fact that they were gardens that had developed often over  many years and little availability of funds rather than going to large homes with vast amounts of money spent on them to be showpieces. One person said it was the best open garden event they had been to and what made our event special was the welcome they received from the garden owners.

Everyone who took part really enjoyed themselves and we have already been approached by people wanting to add their garden if we do it again.

Well done indeed!

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