22 May 2011

Whiteshill and Ruscombe gardens open truimph!

 Wow wow wow! What a success today - there were literally hundreds of local people and people visiting our villages to see the 13 open gardens - it was part of the national gardens open for charity scheme ('yellow book').

We are incredibly fortunate to live in such a great place - it was wonderful to walk, talk and see all the gardens - be inspired and jealous! Big thanks to organisers and those opening the gardens - a great event! Even the threatened rain held off although oh how we need that rain....

Photos: 1. Ruscombe Chapel at a quieter moment! It was teaming with people - teas and cakes virtually sold out by 5pm! 2. Lower Street garden 3 and 4.  Every roadway and footpath seemed to have groups of people! 5. Webcam in Ruscombe garden 6. Ruscombe garden

Don't forget next open gardens on weekend of 9th and 10th July - Edible Open Gardens - I think 37 now signed up - see here. See also video of the amazing recent Village party here. Click on read more to see more photos.

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