23 May 2011

Colour: Travels through the Paintbox

'Colour: Travels through the Paintbox'. Here's another book that I read a while back and loved - thought I would share. It's a great pleasure to join Victoria Finlay on her journey to discover pigments and dyes - loads of stories and anecdotes that bring her quest alive. It is part travel book as she crosses the world, part history and in my view a 'must-read'!
'A treasure trove of human history and obsession...the breadth of research and insight is dazzling.' The Glasgow Herald

'This is a rare and wonderful book - a model of erudition and charm, the writing elegant and precise, and with at least one new and fascinating revelation on every single page. I could not be more enthusiastic.'Simon Winchester, author

'Full of forgotten facts and beguiling anecdotes . . . it would be hard to confront a painting ever again without seeing in it a kind of coded map of the world' Telegraph
Read The Independent's review here. Order through our local bookshop here.

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