27 May 2011

Threat to our buses: 230, 93 and more

I wrote about the threat to our bus services here - well the county have now published details. See Stroud's here. You can make online comments here. It is total madness to be cutting public transport at a time when we need to be expanding it - we have some of the worst public transport in Europe - where is the vision to tackle climate change, move away from fossil fuels, reduce car use...these cuts will hit the most vulnerable hardest - not those of us with cars or who can ride bicycles.

I urge those being affected to submit their comments.

230    STroud - randwick - ruScombe - STroud
Your service now

Four journeys run on Mondays to Saturdays between 9am and 6.25pm with an additional journey on Mondays to Fridays departing Foxmoor Lane at 7.43am.
These journeys are subsidised and will be reviewed.
Proposal 1:
On Mondays to Saturdays the timetable will be designed to cater for workers and students in Stroud with an additional journey in the middle of the day.
Proposal 2:
Saturday journeys will be withdrawn but on Mondays to Fridays the timetable will be designed to cater for workers and students in Stroud. There will be an additional two journeys running in the middle of the day to provide a better range of times for shopping and access to health services.

93    Forest Green - nailsworth - stroud - Gloucester
Your service now

On Mondays to Saturdays an hourly service runs in each direction between 6.37am (7.10am on Saturdays) and 8.10pm. The majority of journeys run without subsidy and are therefore not affected by this review. However the last journeys each day from both Stroud and Gloucester are both subsidised and will be reviewed.
Proposal 1:
Replace the subsidised journeys by either extending or connecting to and from journeys on the Gloucester – Tuffley service 9 at St Barnabas Church. This will mean your journey could be via Tuffley rather than direct.
Proposal 2:
A community transport type service could be provided in place of the subsidised journeys. Depending on the type of service offered, it may be necessary to book trips in advance. Departure times along with details of pick-up and drop- off points will be confirmed when bookings are made.

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