27 May 2011

First meeting of the Stroud permaculture group

Well we had a great first meeting with 9 people - a third of those already signed up on the new permaculture email list - which is growing all the time (see last pic for email address).

At the meet-up this Wednesday were Jenni from Springhill, Julie from Butterow, Seb from Rodborough, Josie from near Horns Road, Dom from Chalford, Carla from Lightpill, Adrian from near Horns Road, Peter from Springhill, and myself from Ruscombe. Special thanks to Peter for organising and putting together the group (and for most of the info in this report) - and to Jenni for hosting the first meeting in her garden.

We drank tea, swapped plants and seeds, potted up and distributed the Nine-Star Perennial Broccoli seedlings (can't wait to see how this grows!), experimented with novel techniques to make pots from Tetrapaks, and ate the world's heaviest and most delicious chocolate flapjack (thanks Jenni).

Various plants were swapped - including Siberian/Welsh Onions, Babbington Leeks, Cherokee Trail of Tears bean seeds, and the Nine Star Broccoli plus some more conventional but none the less useful plants including squash, courgette, marjoram, tomato etc. 

I think this group could be alot of fun and a chance to learn more - it seems amazing that in Stroud that such a group has not already appeared - well it is here now! And some of the Edible Open Gardens in July will be showing off permaculture - see here.

The next meeting is in July but there's talk of a possible one in June.

How to use a Tetra pack - from Pete! Cut in half then cut a slit along the bottom two long sides at the bottom of the pack for drainage and to make the pot slightly more rounded.

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