8 May 2011

New Stroud cycle report out

A new cycling report was prepared for Stroud District Council and Gloucestershire County Council, by John Franklin, a Cheltenham-based Government advisor and specialist in cycling skills and safety - he is also the author of the Cycle Trainer's Bible 'Cyclecraft'.

Photo: cycle from the Stroud Cycle Campaign

The survey of routes for commuter cycling has identified obstacles and barriers to cycling that currently exist along those routes and puts forward options for dealing with those problems. It is worth a look.

A series of recommendations has been made that aims to boost cycle use across the area surveyed. The report will be used as evidence by the two councils, in the future, to developing their planning and transport policy.

One local action identified is that absurd bit on Main Road in Whiteshill which I have raised before with Highways....the width restriction has an uphill cycle bypass, but at the time of inspection of the report (and indeed most of the time I've seen it) it was littered with debris and mud and not inviting to use. The recommendation is to: "Ensure that there is a maintenance and cleansing regime that keep facilities of this kind in good condition."

It's a long and detailed report, which makes many sensible suggestions that would not cost too much to implement. Sadly, however, I expect the cost may still be considered too high by the council...the Tories nationally may have said they want to invest more in cycling but there seems little evidence to date - but let's not prejudge - this report is an opportunity and I look forward to seeing what the actions are that come out of it. We urgently need to address the failures to encourage and support cycling.

Transition Stroud get a mention - and regular blog readers might remember I put together a film of one of their projects - see my blog here re The Cycle Trainers.

The full report can be viewed by clicking the following link:
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