7 May 2011

Great Wap

Today - another great Randwick Wap - big thanks for a great day. Some photos if you click on read more (sadly my camera playing up so I missed lots). Highlights were of course the procession, the falcons and of course the Vine Tree Mens versus the Women's tug of war....great to have a chance to chat, talk and more. I was feeling a little guilty having been praying for rain and then getting it last night and this morning - but the rain held off today (perhaps a little windy for some - one marquee earlier had blown over - but dry and pretty warm) - and we saw an even bigger crowd than last year. After the party last week in Whiteshill and Ruscombe (video coming soon if I can find the time) and the allotment opening, it really makes me appreciate again how wonderful a community we have. See more re Wap here.

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