31 May 2011

Fair Fares Now campaign

I've been meaning to publicise this campaign - see: http://bettertransport.org.uk/fairfares/

We already have some of the most expensive train fares in the world, and each January we are faced with astronomical fare hikes. Now the Government wants to change the rules to make us pay even more. A big shake-up of our railways has been proposed in a high-level report - the good news is that it advocates a fares review and a ‘3-day-a-week’ season tickets to benefit part-time workers - but there are also threats. We could lose some off-peak discounted fares, see staffing cuts and face reductions in service levels for regional railways. The report recommends cost-cutting strategies that could benefit train companies and the Government, but leave passengers out in the cold.

This Government promised us fair fares when they came to power, but they’re now planning the highest fare rises in a generation, and failing to tackle overcrowding.Meanwhile also see my blog on the threat to local buses here.

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