19 May 2011

District Council AGM this evening

Back now from the meeting - Conservative Cllr Frances Roden was elected as Leader and then we went into voting for the various committees - Tories holding the majority were able to decide who chairs committees. Labour got a motion passed almost unanimously to get an extra seat allocation on one committee - without going into details it was right in terms of the numbers of councillors elected and I had no hesitation in supporting the change.

Photo: Card spotted: thankfully that approach is not in Stroud

The main committee I will now be sitting on will be the Strategic Overview Scrutiny Committee. This will be an interesting change from the Performance Overview Scrutiny Committee and I will share more when we meet and the other various meetings.

The mood of the council has changed given the Tories narrow majority and it has a more fiesty feel. It will be interesting to see what links and liaisons are made between group...but more of that another time - must put feet up as don't seemed to have stopped all day. This evening was also Randwick Parish Council AGM which I have missed.

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