18 May 2011

Latest: Tories no overall majority on committees in Stroud

The Conservatives had at the election 25 seats, Labour 11, Greens and Lib Dems both 6 and there was one Independent and two Tory Independents well now one of those has returned to the flock while I've learnt this morning that it seems the other has registered as a “Conservative no group”. If this is so, then the numbers are now 26 Tories the rest of us 25 - meaning that the Tories have no overall majority on any major committee, only the casting vote of the chairs. Photo; election night with Molly Scott Cato winning

We will have to wait until Thursday night for any of this to be official. Certainly political groups have been having lots of discussions - we've had a couple of Green Group meetings to consider which committees to sit on and how best to move forward in the changed Council. Will there be more possibilities for the changes we need?

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