30 Mar 2011

Three new local businesses

A green PC company, a company of of Positive ideas and a CranioSacral Therapist....I've not tried any of these yet but as noted before this blog is happy to give plugs to local businesses

Well first up is PC Techniques with Greg Dance in Whiteshill - a friend recently sent the photo attached - not sure where it originally came from but now there is perhaps an answer locally....

The website is www.pc-techniques.co.uk. Greg says the company aims:
  • To minimise the use of car travel so limiting fuel use and carbon emissions by working locally in the Stroud area where ever possible.
  • To arrange for transfer of hardware which is still serviceable between current and prospective owners.
  • To operate as a social enterprise company so that value is retained in the community, where it can be used.
  • Will accept Stroud Pounds as payment!
And here is an offer! PC Techniques will visit you in your home or business (within the Stroud valleys area) free of charge for up to 30 minutes, so we can work out the best way we can help you, without the pressure of time & cost to worry about! Grg notes that since his very recent launch he has already arranged the re-use of 2 serviceable printers locally!

Second is the Positive Ideas Company, with CEO Iman Fadaei, based in Ruscombe, who put together websites - see their website at: www.positive-ideas.com/

But they also have an exhibition at Star Anise cafe in Stroud of Maasai art from 10th to 28th April - with money raised going to help school Maasai children - see more at: www.maasai-art.com/

Third is Millie Wood Swanepoel who has recently moved into Ruscombe. She is a CranioSacral Therapist and offers other treatments - see her website for more details of where she practices, costs etc: www.milliewoodswanepoel.com/

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