31 Mar 2011

Stroud MP is new Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change in 2020

This evening I saw 'Power' by the local HEXAGON THEATRE COMPANY - they have two more nights of their play - go see it - a look at what could happen in the not too distant future...

The play explores human emotions and relationships involving government, press and local connections in what the flyer describes "can sometimes be a dark yet often humorous take on politics and energy."

The play is set in 2020 where Stroud MP Fiona Hunter has stepped forward into the limelight as the new Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. Fuel stocks are running low, civil unrest looms, the press are digging into her private life and Fiona is forced to make some difficult ethical and personal decisions. Will she be able to save her career, save her family and keep the lights on?

The play was written by Katy Albiston who started her career in the Home office, 'dabbled' in local politics and now teaches history, politics and anthropology - plus she completed a Master's in Education for Sustainability.

'Power' contains many local references - lots of fun there that I wont spoil by sharing here - plus some occasional strong language. In some ways, to someone immersed in green politics the story line has something of the cliche about it - and talking afterwards to another green we wondered if alot of that might happen well before the 2020 date....I hope not. However it is great to tell this story - too many do not understand the massive failures of repeated governments to get to grips with energy......The play mentions the 2010 Ofgem report - a report I've also highlighted before - most recently last month - see here. That Ofgem report should be warning enough  - there is very much we need to do!

The play has a good pace and convincing characters but I was disappointed that Climate Change didn't get a mention in all the discussion re energy - maybe alluded to in one comment about cold winters.....and possibly more could have been made of social justice and fuel poverty - some 15.6% of Stroud households are already in fuel poverty.......but then again this is meant to be entertainment not all doom, gloom or education.....a big thank you to all those who made it possible - an enjoyable evening that hopefully leaves us thinking abut the urgency of this issue. I hope many Stroudies (and indeed beyond) get to see the play.

The play runs for 2 more nights - open 7.15pm Performances start at 7.45pm. Tickets: £7.50 from Stroud Tourist Information Centre or call Hexagon on 01453 828424. Anyway I must finish this ramble and go to bed...

See Hexagon Facebook site here.....the company has a long list of plays since 1985 when it was first formed.

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