3 Mar 2011

Stroud meeting to say Yes to AV

I blogged on the 'No to AV' poster campaign a few days ago (see left) - well by all accounts the campaign has been plunged into chaos. A leaked Treasury document demolished their key argument on the posters. The report shows a senior government minister admitting that the outcome of the referendum would not have ANY impact in terms of public spending. This fully rebuts the claims of the No camp, who have desperately claimed that a Yes vote in the AV referendum would jeopardise the lives of premature babies, or members of our armed forces.

Well Chris Owen, who lives in Ruscombe, is holding a public meeting to kick-off the Stroud campaign for a "yes" vote in the upcoming Alternative Vote referendum. This meeting will be on Thursday March 10th, at 7:30pm in St. Laurence Church Hall, on The Shambles in Stroud, opposite the Old Town Hall (GL5 1AP) with a representative from the official Yes To Fairer Votes campaign. It is an open meeting for anyone interested in helping with the "Yes to Fairer Votes" campaign in the Stroud area, to discuss how we can raise the profile of the campaign. The meeting will look at how AV works and what its merits are.
The campaign has cross-party political support, and representatives from Labour and the Liberal Democrats will be present at the meeting.  See Neil Hardings blog on AV here.

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