3 Mar 2011

Randwick couple exhibit

There was a nice piece in Stroud Life yesterday about Randwick residents Lesley Hayes and Ralph Boyer. See Ralph's exhibition last year here. Ralph oil paints on large canvases mystical and fantastical worlds while Lesley makes smaller pictures than you can imagine - 2 by 3 inches with loads of detail.
Anyway catch their exhibition, 'His 'n' Hers' at Kendrick Street Gallery above the art shop until 26th March.


maurice harvey said...

Hello Ralph & Lesley, From Mole & Julie i.n Carmel Valley Cqalifornia
Good luck with your his and hers show at the Kendrick Street Gallery
We just love your paintings, but unlike your last show there Julie says she will not surprise you this time by suddenly turning up from the USA.We looked you up on that charming Ruscombe Green web site. I often visit the site and travel around Randwick.Mole&Her.

Philip Booth said...

Hi to you in California. Yes this year's exhibition is great! I missed the preview but have had the chance to look around - wonderful stuff.