2 Apr 2011

Garden Notes: April

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April Notes

Sow parsley - according to tradition this is best done on Good Friday - germination is speeded by soaking seeds overnight in warm water - this is also the day to plant main-crop potatoes - plant deep to reduce earthing up

Sow/plant hardy vegetables & flowers outside - don’t forget pot marigolds & poached egg plants for those aphid-eating hoverflies. 

Seed beds will benefit from a soak the day before sowing

In the greenhouse sow tender vegetables such as french & runner beans in deep modules ready to plant out after the risk of frost has passed - also tomatoes, cucumbers etc

Apply pelleted poultry manure to greedy feeders like beetroot, potatoes & larger brassicas

Start mulching if the soil is warm; try newspaper then a layer of leaf mould or compost - elsewhere hoe & weed regularly - ‘catch them young’

Cut the lawn when necessary & continue until autumn - leave mowings on whenever possible - give a seaweed meal feed if required

Check plants regularly for pests & diseases - even when protected with barriers - fleece & mats for brassicas, fleece on early carrots, bottle cloches for lettuces - look for sawfly eggs under leaves in the centre of gooseberry & currant bushes

April can be dry so water plantings if necessary & if a frost threatens be ready with fleece & earth-up potatoes

Plant aquatic plants & remove any early signs of blanket weed

Prune spring flowering shrubs like kerria japonica & flowering currants as soon as flowering is over. 

Look out for bird nests when hedge clipping

Pot up dahlia tubers inside greenhouse

Add diluted Marmite to worm bins as this sends them into reproductive frenzy

Thin out seedlings sown previously - transplant - hold seedlings by their leaves to minimize damage to stem and roots

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