4 Feb 2011

Updates: Tricorn, MSA, 20mph, Turn Back Time, Street-lighting and more

Well here is all sorts of bits of news that I've been meaning to update...

Tricorn House - well I spoke with planning at SDC a couple of weeks ago and I guess a Compulsory Purshase Order by the Council to then sell to Ecotricity will have to wait maybe up to 2 years. In the meantime the developer will have to show that they are serious about developing the site as a care home. It does seem wholly inappropriate for 96 people so close to all those roads. Dale Vince, MD of Ecotricity, said at the time: "We think it's a crazy idea. "Who'd want their relatives living in a brutalist building on a roundabout at the edge of town? We think it's just another stalling tactic by the owners, we'll be amazed if it actually goes ahead." Of course this delay may mean that Ecotricity develop elsewhere and that means yet again no progress for this eyesore. Outrageous.

Dog doos - a particular problem area is the field behind Whiteshill Church. I have had emails from two residents on this. The Parish Council and local PCSO’s have been in contact with the land owner before Christmas and PCSO's are already patrolling the field to try and improve the problem. Amazingly the notices put up warning to get owners to be more responsible have been pulled down on several occasions. The WaRbler newsletter has also had an article and I hear things are slightly improved in the area.

Motorway Services Area - well as reported on this blog it got the go-ahead - well now a Judicial Review has called it in - we await to hear the decision by one person and see whether they overturn the elected bodies decision?

20 mph - well the speed measures (see left) have now been taken in Whiteshill and Ruscombe to see if a mandatory 20 mph might be allowed....Randwick Parish has also reapplied to have the 20 is Plenty signs reinstalled. See recent success with inquiry here - although we are waiting to hear from Cabinet now.

Randwick Parish Lighting - yonks ago I supported the switching off of Parish lights late at night - see also here re Essex. Whiteshill and Ruscombe have already had a load switched off - well now at last Randwick is set to be part of the scheme.

Grit bins - well they have all recently been refilled - there is still one missing along Bread Street that I have reported. I also noted as these pics show the vandalism earlier in the year. They do need to be set lower in the ground like the one on the corner at Humphreys End - that was set lower and hasn't been pushed over despite a history of being pushed several times each year.

New road surface in Randwick - Well the missing patch of new tarmac near Ocker Hill was a mystery. Why the bit missed? Well apparently it was over concern that the heavy machinery would lead to the collapse of nearby Cotswold stone walls. The area is likely to be done by hand now.Meanwhile part of the new surface has already come loose - I have photographed it and sent it in - but having said that the team were very friendly and considerate - well done to them.

BBC programme Turn Back Time - did you folks get to see it? A 1930s drapers shop was recreated in the Merrywalks Centre where we could see authentic local cloth saved from an actual drapers in Minchinhampton when it closed in 1939.It was a sort of museum with over 400 people visiting each day and over 700 on teh Saturdays.

Local historian Ian Mackintosh, from the Stroudwater Textile Trust, was there (see left) - he is reported saying to local papers: “The BBC contacted the Museum in the Park to see if Stroud would be interested in hosting an event and they contacted us to see if we could help. It’s a very interesting way to introduce Stroud’s history to those who don’t know a lot about the town’s past, and we’ve been working closely with Stroud’s Chamber of Commerce to get businesses involved to make sure the event is a success.”See more at www.stroud-textile.org.uk.

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