16 Jan 2011

Bits and Bobs: woodfuel, street parties, allotments, chippings and more

Here is an update on various bits and bobs...

Allotment paths

This Saturday we had an Allotment meeting on site and managed to also do some work - ie extend paths with membrane and chippings. A little more to do. Next step then will be a fence - well posts and wire strung between to grow up brambles and the like! See photos. I was also able to boast about the potatoes I dug up just after New Years day (see here).

Chippings wanted

The Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish Council Allotments would love anyone who has chippings going free. They have nearly completed paths on the site with a thin layer but need more. Please call 752068 if you can help.

Randwick Woodfuel project

The trial project with the National Trust is finally off the ground and I have set up three dates for work parties to help with conservation work. In return for the work participants will be able to clear some of the cleared wood. All places are full at the moment but if the project works there may well be further spaces. See last blog on this here.

Street parties?

It has been suggested that the Royal Wedding on Friday 29th April might be a good day for a street party. I have mixed feelings about a party on such a day....however the County are giving free road closures - what do others think? A couple of Bread Street residents are thinking about it....

Garden tools offered

There is a very kind offer of some garden tools for anyone locally. Please call me on 755451. I was also wondering if the tool recycling place is still going locally? Do please let me know on 755451 if it is still going?

Coffee House discussion on AV

Should you vote YES for AV? How does the alternative vote work? What's on offer in the referendum? Is AV proportional? Would AV be good for British politics? The next Coffee House discussion, complete with drinks and delicious cakes, is at Star Anise cafe in Stroud, (behind the Old Painswick Inn, Gloucester St.), on Friday, January 28th from 7.30-9.30pm. This builds on a discussion last year re PR - see here a brief guide and some thoughts.

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