21 Dec 2010

New Hedgehog warden in Randwick

The news is that I will now retire from being Randwick's Hedgehog warden. It was only a temporary position while we sought a real warden. Now we have one who already has three hogs that she is looking after!

Photo: Photoshop from Russ - it made me smile as Annie Parfitt has been nick-named the Hog Mother of the hospital!

Danni Taylor is the new contact for Randwick and can be got on 753619 and 07974 055485. Danni will collect sick or injured hogs found by you in this area and collect postcodes of any hog sitings. The Help a Hedgehog Hospital based in Brimscombe is getting a name for itself - earlier this month they had an interesting day with 6 hoglets found in different parts of the county plus one being delivered from Wales, another from Yate and advice given to one in Manchester!

The HHH website has been redesigned and has great info re hedgehogs. Contact them or if you are in Whiteshill and Ruscombe then please contact our Hedgehog Warden, Claire Griffiths 0n 757348. However if you get stuck still call me and I might be able to help - a sort of reserve Hedgehog warden.....

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