20 Dec 2010

Camping around Stroud?

One of the issues I have raised is the lack of decent camping near Stroud. This has been an issue for some time and has been mentioned several times by people visiting the various festivals in Stroud.

The new and totally wonderful Thistledown site (my broither stayed there this summer - it has great compost toilets and fantastic views) helps but there is still a gap. Indeed there is not much else - some great yurts near Chalford, 5 pitches at Seven Acres, The Camp and Apple Tree Park Caravan and camping near Stonehouse. I think Frampton On Severn and Slimbridge also have caravan places.

Could Stratford Park be a possible site? Apparently it was used in the early days of the Fringe Festival. Could it be used like that again? Certainly a campsite near the town centre would help tourism.

Well it seems the Council has, understandably cuts on it's mind - not a time to invest - however I wanted to ensure any new contract for management of the Park does not exclude the possibility of this development in years to come. Of course if it is appropriate? What do others think? Are there other local sites?

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