24 Nov 2010

Flooding letter timely

As some will know I have been away some days and came home to news that Cornwall was mopping up after the devastating flash floods. The operation will last for months and cost millions, with hundreds of residents driven from their homes. Greens had written a letter to the local press about the Coalition cuts to flood defences - it was in the papers last week.

Photo: Russ' interpretation of my recent break - actually as I missed a summer holiday we took ferry to Brittany and had many wonderful walks along those beaches! It wasn't quite like this!!!

Interestingly there were a couple of people who questioned whether this was an important issue to focus on when other cuts were hitting so deep - I suspect the timely news from Cornwall highlight how we cannot and must not underestimate the impact of flooding. There is much that we need to do! See my previous comment here.

Meanwhile the Environment Agency are making significant changes to the flood Warnings that they currently issue which will take place on the 30th November. The District Council have arranged for the EA to give a training session on the new codes which will take place in the Council Chamber on the 6th December. If anyone is specifically interested in this please get in touch.


Anonymous said...

Something like £1million has been spent on flood alleviation in Stroud District since 2007 floods. At no location has this expenditure done anything more than pass the problem on downstream to another location. Completely pointless waste of money and actually dangerous.

Philip Booth said...

As the comment writer will probably know the Stroud Valleys Water Forum, Water 21 and others are working to ensure that long term solutions are achieved - not sending water downstream faster for others to deal with. I don't believe it is true to say that the money has been pointless - talk to some of the residents that have seen improvements - but it is true to say that not much of the work done addresses the issue that we should be attenuating water further upstream.....