14 Oct 2010

Sign petition against crazy Stroud road plan

Some 50 people joined the demonstration on Thursday last week against the crazy proposals to keep a temporary road at a major town centre junction - see my earlier blog here. I fully support their objections - we don't need more roads and creating more confusion for drivers and other road and pavement users. What we need is a safe attractive entrance to the town that is welcoming.

Stroud Against Gyratory (SAG) have set up a petition that I would urge you to sign:

SAG member Rachel Lyons is quoted in press saying: "This would be a great opportunity to create a fantastic entrance to the town for people from Cainscross, Ebley and Rodborough. We are not saying no to the temporary road but it is far too dangerous. We are not against cars, but once a one-way system is here traffic will go faster. They say they will make better provision for pedestrians and cyclists but not how."

The road connects Merrywalks with Bath Road over an old canal bridge while a new bridge is built over the Thames and Severn Navigation. Previously it was a dead end, terminating at the pedestrian subway under the A419 Dr Newton's Way. The County council are now considering keeping the temporary road in addition to the new bridge, by making it one-way.

Green district councillor Gwen Belcher is quoted in The Citizen saying: "When you come here, you take your life in your hands, this scheme must be handled sympathetically, with pedestrians and cyclists at the heart of it."

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