14 Oct 2010

Nuke website blunder

The government has scrapped plans to build nuclear reactors on greenfield sites in yet another serious blow to the industry's stuttering programme. Two sites – at Kirksanton and Braystones in Cumbria – appear to have been dropped from a list that could be announced as early as next week.

Photo: Oldbury from top of Ash Lane in Randwick

I heard from a colleague yesterday that DECC accidentally published the information on their website. There were various documents listed but it seems they are now password protected. However it looks like Oldbury is going to remain on the list of suitable sites in the new NPS. As "Shepperdine Against Nuclear Energy" say: "Needless to say we are shocked by this news, clearly DECC are not listening to us at all! If this information is correct we will have to make even more noise.... be prepared DECC we will make sure you listen."

See Guardian report here. See here the blog of our great local action group, Shepperdine Against Nuclear Energy, with a copy of the info published and then removed.

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