28 Sep 2010

Loving what I do!

Well this week is for films....after the eco-renovation open day film now comes another....back in June I was involved in a documentary to be shown as part of workshops for young people that accompany a performance called Epiphany - see my blog here. Well the results were out ages ago but are now also available on the web in the following video by Ruscombe artist Simon McCorry. The video has just the 6 interviews - the second is me - cut so that I sound even more enthusiastic than ever!

The general theme is 'people who love what they do and how they arrived at finding that out or finding themselves in that place'....each piece is cut to be only 3 mins long. Not sure I like being in front of the camera! Indeed usually try and avoid it when get requests...anyhow you can also see Simon's other films here.

Epiphany from Simon McCorry on Vimeo.

Another couple of films that Simon has been involved with or made include "Beauty and Brains", which documents a beauty contest promoting rights for gay and third genders in Nepal, info can be found here and here. And a short film here, "Venus in Transit" - which will be on in an experimental film festival in Croatia.

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