4 Jun 2010

Epiphany project

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from a Ruscombe resident who is making a short documentary to be shown as part of workshops for young people that accompany a performance called Epiphany. The general theme is 'people who love what they do and how they arrived at finding that out or finding themselves in that place'.

Photo: setting up to film me

I was interviewed about green politics - about being ill and much more - it is part of the Epiphany project by 'Theatre Is'. They will only use 3 minutes of the hour or so interview as part of the workshops which go along with the performance - "a fusion of breakin and hip hop dance, live music, theatre and spoken word starring four of Throwdown's most exciting professional performers!" You can see some of their work in the 'Theatre Is' link and I hope to get a DVD of the work. I am looking forward to learning more...like the idea of sharing passions.....any interest in a local project?

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