1 Sep 2010

Kevin McCloud plugs Stroud’s Eco-Renovation Weekend

Kevin McCloud, the presenter of TV’s Grand Designs, helped launch publicity for Stroud’s 3rd Eco-Renovation Open Homes Weekend to be held this year on September 11th and 12th. Yes I know I've covered the Open Homes being in Cotswold Life already - but we are now frantically getting leaflets out in all corners and the posters up as they arrived later than we had hoped. Hence another blog to maximise publicity - and great that Kevin shared a few positive words about the event.

Kevin took time out from a meeting about Cashes Green Hospital site and the launch of the Broadwalk in Hamwell Leaze (see my video of that here), to learn about the weekend and pose for a photograph with Open Homes organisers, Helen Royall and Neil Buick, giving the thumbs-up to the event.

The weekend as regular blog readers will know, will feature over 20 houses in and around Stroud where home-owners will show eco-renovations such as internal and external insulation, wood pellet boilers, heat pumps and solar panels.

“Kevin McCloud is well known for his work on highly sustainable buildings and he was very interested to hear about a weekend in which you can see renewable energy in action and get advice on eco-renovation” Helen Royall, a member of Transition Stroud who are organising the weekend

Fold-out leaflets identifying the open homes are available in local shops or on the website www.stroudopenhomes.org.uk. To cut down on car journeys there will be walks, cycle trips and a minibus tour of selected sites.

“He wholeheartedly offered his support for the weekend. It’s encouraging to know that our work is appreciated by someone so well respected. It’s going to be a great weekend.” Neil Buick, one of the weekend’s co-ordinators

Before the weekend there is a preview evening on Wednesday 8th in Stroud with speakers from Severn Wye Energy Agency and the Green Shop explaining how to generate your own energy and get paid for it.

On Saturday 11th September, there will be an Eco- Fair with an organic café at The Exchange, Brick Row, Stroud - plus the national launch of a book on sustainable housing.

Full details at www.stroudopenhomes.org.uk

There is also now a Facebook site for the Open Homes!

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