23 Aug 2010

3rd Stroud Eco-Renovation Open Homes Weekend

Many will remember that I initiated and coordinated the Eco-Renovation Open Homes project - it is now in it's third year. Well I've been involved again this year but to a much lesser extent..helping get funds, planning meetings and more - it is looking to be another exciting weekend with new homes to view. Cotswold Life have just done a big feature on the event highlighting some of the homes (see first two photos).

The weekend September 11/12 is an opportunity to visit over 20 Eco-Renovation Open Homes around Stroud, see renewable energy in action, discuss energy efficiency and get advice on eco-renovations. A Preview Evening (Wednesday 8 September) will provide advice on first steps to a more sustainable home including information on the new feed-in tariffs.

At the Eco-Fair and Cafe (Saturday 11 September) there will be a number of eco-installing businesses on show – plus an organic, fair-trade cafĂ©! There is also the national launch of the Transition Sustainable Housing book that features a bit on Stroud (see author, Chris Bird, left at last years Eco-Renovation Open Homes).

If you don't want to visit homes on your own then try the guided walks, minibus tours or cycle rides that will visit a range of Open Homes during the weekend.

Find answers to some of these questions:

* How does solar thermal work?
* Is a photovoltaic system the answer?
* How much money can I save?
* Why install rainwater harvesting?
* What are feed-in tariffs?
* Would a wood pellet boiler be worth it?

You can click on the 'label' below for previous years (including full reports) and go to the website for details of this year. Leaflets with details of homes are starting to appear in many locations around Stroud. Full details of homes and exact times of opening are on the website. This year Far Westrip Farm, Randwick is again included along with lots more of interest. See: www.stroudopenhomes.org.uk

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