10 Sep 2010

Good news on tidal energy

The world's first array of tidal turbines could be deployed in the Sound of Islay off Scotland's west coast by 2013 (See more here) - great stuff - the other good news is that the Severn Barrage which was set to go across the Severn estuary between Somerset and South Wales looks set to be culled in the ConDem cuts. The Green party have long campaigned against this barrage.

However while I welcome what The Guardian described as "the death knell for the world's largest tidal energy project" I do have real concerns about their alternatives - the reason for the cut is the failure to find £20bn of public funds - yet we need that sort of investment if we are to tackle climate change and energy security for this country - we are so way off course in terms of meeting our energy needs......tidal must be part of the answer and we need serious investment into alternatives that are not as destructive as the barrage would have been - see here the Wildlife Trusts excellent booklet about the barrage.

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