9 Aug 2010

Wildlife Trusts come out against Severn Barrage

Last month councillors were issued a report released earlier in the year by The Wildlife Trusts that warns that the barrage proposals for the Severn Estuary are not the right way to go.

Photo: Severn from top of Ash Lane and below the report

The report, 'Energy at Any Price', highlights the importance of the Severn Estuary and the devastating impact that damming the estuary could have on the wildlife and the people who rely on it. This is a great confirmation of what the Green party has long said - the barrage is the wrong way to use tidal energy - others would have much less negative impact.

The Severn is important for commercial fish stocks, transport and trade, recreational pursuits and an internationally recognised home to thousands of birds, animals and fish.

Joan Edwards, head of Living Seas for The Wildlife Trusts said: "It is no exaggeration to say the Severn Estuary is an irreplaceable part of the UK's natural heritage. We want to remind people about what the Severn Estuary means. It is part of our cultural heritage and people rely on it for their livelihoods...We have a moral and ethical obligation to ensure the best options for the natural environment are pursued. We should not consider out-dated technology, which could impact on the Estuary on an unprecedented scale. Destroying the Severn Estuary – arguably the eighth natural wonder of the world – would be a deadly sin."

The Trusts are the UK's largest voluntary organisation dedicated to conserving UK habitats and species. They are calling on the public to join a public campaign to protect the Severn Estuary. See report and details of campaign at: www.wildlifetrusts.org/severnestuary

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Anonymous said...

Thankyou for your support, we musn't let such a precious estuary be destroyed pursuing our unquenchable thirst for power, there are far better ways to generate electricity from the tides.
Dave Butterton.