4 Aug 2010

Veolia: still supporting Israel's occupation?

Veolia, a French multinational, who are contracted to collect Stroud's rubbish, are involved in several projects in occupied Palestine, providing services to Israel’s illegal settlement. Their tramline project has made headlines but as yet doesn't seem to have got them into much trouble - they also collect rubbish services for the numerous settlements.

Cartoon from Russ

I have raised this issue before - see here.
Corporate Watch have rightly criticised Veolia for their very direct support of the settlement infrastructure in one of the most vulnerable areas of Palestine - Corporate Watch write: this proves "that they are more than willing to profit from Israel’s brutal occupation as long as they can get away with it." Apparently in recent correspondence with critics of their conduct Veolia they have downplayed their business in the Jordan Valley, claiming that their site there is no longer operating.

However Corporate Watch have just paid them another visit - see their report here - it seems that business may well be increasing at the site. Veolia like BP and Shell have also sought to use the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition 2009 (see Veolia's statement here although they can't spell: "Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009"). My previous comments on Shell's sponsorship can be found

Anyway I've written to Veolia and asked for a comment - let's wait and see what they have to say.


Anonymous said...

This contract must be terminated!

Anonymous said...

I find the sight of the veolia trucks around Stroud extremely distasteful. The council is helping to maintain an apartheid regime which holds international law in utter contempt.