3 Aug 2010

Gloucester City Car Club

I mentioned putting the record straight re the Park and Ride in my last blog earlier today well I have also been meaning to add to comments noted in another Citizen article a while back. This time also about transport - the Gloucester City Car Club.

This scheme was approved more than a year ago to help tackle congestion - but it is still not been launched despite hopes that it would only take a few months to set up. Residents will hopefully be able to pay by the hour to rent cars from many city centre locations - if folk only needed a car occasionally they could use the scheme instead of buying their own car. Basically those signing up will be handed a 'smart card' to allow them to enter their vehicle for the period they have booked it out.

I'm quoted saying: "It's sad that they're not putting more into the club and more ways to reduce car ownership into city." It is indeed but I did also welcome the initial support for this - but again like I said in the previous blog we need to look at the whole transport situation across the county. As yet I can't see any up-to-date news of the Gloucester Car Club on the County or City websites.

At a time when fewer people are able to afford the car it is crazy to be increasing train fares and removing investment from public transport. David Cameron promised he wouldn't get rid of free bus passes - who knew it was because he would get rid of the bus instead? Anyway must dash....

See details of Stroud's Car Club, which I think was launched in 2003: www.svccc.co.uk/


Enterprise Britain said...

Gloucester is not big enough for a car club at the moment (without subsidies etc like Stroud). A much better way to get this going in such places is to share your own car (see www.whipcar.com). If there is enough volume you can look at changing it to a car club.
Good luck!

Andy said...

It all depends on the level of support and publicity - you maybe right that Gloucester is not ready but I think it could work.

Philip Booth said...

Whip car looks great - why don't I know about it??

I came across this after following your link:

It is a cultural thing to get people to change - but if folk drive less than 6,000 miles per year then a car club could save up to £3,500 a year. It should work anywhere but as the last comment noted it does depend on people knowing about it - it is still not even listed as a scheme that is about to take place....