21 Jul 2010

Paganhill website

Hey I've just been sent a link to the Paganhill Community and Heritage website. It has lots of great photos (incl Kite aerial shots - yes that is taking aerial photos with a kite!!), bits of history and up to date news items plus a wonderful 1842 map of the area. Well worth a visit.

Photo: From Bread Street resident that I got last week - the Maypole in Paganhill going up in the 1970s. The pole has since been replaced. How many poles have there been?

The site is put together by Rosie, who after 29 years in Gloucestershire, now lives in West Lothian, Scotland. She started becoming more interested in Paganhill when her daughter and son-in-law moved there. Rosie maintains the contact - and even had photos of Stroud and Paganhill in a recent copy of 'Stroud Life'.

Rosie has an interest to attract more former pupils to the Upfield School page - a reunion possibly? She also taught at Archway a couple of decades ago...and amazingly decided to create the Paganhill website after wandering into a Maypole AGM at Maypole Village Hall last summer while on holiday in Stroud! Rosie and her husband, John set up the website and included the research about her daughter's house.

Rosie apparently runs 15+ domains so there's never a dull moment!! They have also helped teach groups as fara part as Bath and Inverness how to use the kites! It has got me interested as well but can't make the time at the moment!

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