21 Jul 2010

BP: vote for rebrand

I've covered some of the BP stuff and did mention the logo competition by Greenpeace - see my blog here - it’s now time for you to vote for the best logo. I've included a few on this post. Here is what Greenpeace say:

A couple of months ago we asked you to help us design a more appropriate logo for BP. One that was a bit more honest than a shiny green flower and showing the true reality of BP’s dirty business. The response was overwhelming. Over 2,500 designs, two million page views and a global venting of anti-BP rage. A big thank you to the thousands of entrants who helped show BP for what it really is: a reckless oil giant, determined to extract oil at any cost.

The winning logo in the main category will be used at the front of our campaign to really move BP beyond petroleum, away from oil towards clean energy solutions. But don’t forget to vote in the other categories of best illustration, best wildlife, best slogan and a special WTF?! category. Voting closes at midnight GMT on 31 July. It's almost ten years ago today that BP launched its 'sunflower' logo. Since then, it's been involved in a string of disasters, culminating in the Deep Water Horizon catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. What's more, BP is determined to move into even more risky sources of oil, like the climate-wrecking tar sands industry in Canada. We never bought the friendly flower greenwash – as we’re sure you didn’t either – but it’s high time BP had a logo that reflects what it’s really all about.

Vote at: http://rebrandbp.greenpeace.org.uk/

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