1 Jul 2010

Look out for hoglets

See   full size imageBelow is the latest from the local Hedgehog Hospital - I am temporarily Hedgehog warden for this area - but am looking for someone to take over from me! See details of my first 'rescue' here and details on how to be a warden here.

June and July are the months you may see young hedgehogs, called hoglets. They are left to fend for themselves from 7-8 weeks, but can be seen before if the nest is disturbed, or they may be abandoned and if their mother is killed. They are at risk from flies and maggots and being taken by cats, dogs, foxes and badgers. If you see any out in the daytime, or an adult hedgehog, it may need help - call us on 01453 886424 or 07831 682505. We can call and assess the hedgehog or hoglet.

Feeding mothers, as with adults, need dried cat food and plenty of water. Many hedgehogs die in the summer due to lack of water. By feeding hedgehogs you will encourage them to stay in your garden, they eat many pests – up to 100 per night, and are the gardener’s friend, we sell hedgehog houses and feeding boxes for £25.00 each. Your local warden is Philip Booth 01453 755451 – main hospital tel 01453 886424, emergencies 07867 974525 or 07831 682505. For more information see the website www.helpahedgehog.org/

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