8 Jun 2010

Hedgehog rescue

Over a week ago I was involved in an hedgehog rescue. The adult hog was found lying in the playing field at Randwick in the open in the early afternoon. It lay still, breathing, not curled but not moving - a local dog was very interested. It is likely that strimming and grass cutting nearby sent it out into the open where it was either disorientated or had poss faced dogs poking at it....

We contacted the Hedgehog Hospital and were advised to put it in a cardboard box and check for injuries.

Photos: Hog curled and being fed cat food - much to the annoyance and jealousy of a neighbours cat!

The resident and her granddaughter managed to get a cardboard box and put the hog inside. It was then taken back into a cool place and offered water and cat food - it lay very still for a long while then seemed to come more alive and was soon eating nearly half a tin.

I met the hog at this point and the hog seemed to continue to improve - coming more to life - no injury visible on underneath and it wasn't dehydrated - spines went back when pulled - there were also no sign of flies - after further discussions with the Hospital we agreed to release it. I took it back to Randwick much later in the afternoon/evening and was able to let it free in a hedgerow. It stayed in a ball for a while before crawling off into the hedge.

I hope it has survived - if it hadn't returned to so much life and had been out for a long time then the hospital said it would have kept it for a few days in observation - the danger is if they have been out for the day flies will lay eggs (white clumps) on them usually nearly their eyes and backsides. So any out in the day they bring in for a few days, just in case maggots appear - a hedgehog MOT if you like - monitor their weight, check for ticks detick and deflea and then feed up and release. This one looked fine so probably the best action to release straight away.

Click on the label below to find out how you can help the hospital - in particular they are looking for Hedgehog Wardens in each village as noted in recent post.

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