24 Jul 2010

Join the Big Butterfly Count: new garden opens

Butterflies are both beautiful and vital to the health of our environment. Their survival is crucial yet they are in serious decline. So says the Butterfly Conservation group and they are launching today the big butterfly count from the 24th July to the 1st of August.

They want us all to find a place where you might see butterflies, such as a garden or park, and count the different butterflies you see in just 15 minutes. You can make counts in several places during the week.

Submit your sightings at www.bigbutterflycount.org. Butterflies are disappearing fast and this is a great way to help understand more about them - and raise awareness.

In a blog last week I noted some advice about caterpillars we moved from the allotment site. In an earlier blog this year - see here - I reported on the worrying news about biodiversity in this country - so many declining species. Well this is something that we can do to help.

New garden

Meanwhile some great news at Prinknash (near Painswick) - today the Gloucestershire branch of the Butterfly Conservation open a new garden there - see: www.gloucestershire-butterflies.org.uk/ Great stuff indeed.

Official opening: 2.30 pm Saturday 24 July 2010 by Matthew Oates, Senior Ecologist to the National Trust - butterfly expert, enthusiast, writer and wildlife broadcaster. Garden open 2.00-5.30 pm Saturday and Sunday, 24 and 25 July 2010. It will also open Wednesdays and Thursdays 10 to 3pm - but check with them first.

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