19 Jul 2010

Allotment working party

On Sunday some 20 of us turned up for two and half hours sorting paths at the Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish Council's allotment site. Next step is putting down membrane on paths and boards for each plot. We are getting close to being able to plant - I'm still hoping to get something in before Autumn!!

Photos: taken yesterday on allotment

Butterfly advice

One of the allotment members is a butterfly and moth expert. We are very lucky to have so much wonderful knowledge locally. We were given advice to look out for Small Tortoiseshell caterpillars on the nettles at the allotment site.

A lot were gathered last Sunday morning. Also looked out for any webs on tops of nettles or curled up leaves which may indicate Red Admiral caterpillars (see photo) - again these were removed to young nettles that were not going to be pulled on the allotment sites. There are lots of nearby small nettles that are ideal for the butterflies to lay their eggs on – the big straggly ones are not suitable.

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