10 Jul 2010

Bits and Bobs: Transition Food, Parish meeting and more

Well a busy week out every night and two daytime meetings re Council stuff - wont cover all that but here are a few highlights re this week...

Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish Council meeting - it started early as three children from Whiteshill School made a small presentation - sending thanks to the Parish for a new street lamp and flower baskets along the school fence - but also raising issues of concern like nettles near the goal in the playing field, a damaged fence and dogs getting into the play area (see photo below).

It is great they raised the issues and the Parish responded noting they would look into the issues - I asked about what they thought about traffic and when they noted concerns I asked whether they would support the campaign for 20 mph in the village. They would! The Parish also discussed lots more like how to seek 20mph from GCC - minutes on their website soon.

Transition Food group meeting - what a lovely evening in a garden in Ebley drinking mint tea and talking gardens and more - see photo at top and couple more here - not to give too much away we discussed seed swaps, the possible Potato Day and most exciting an Open Edible Gardens like the Eco-Renovation Open Homes. We have already identified some gardens and an initial plan including hopes to invite Alys Fowler from the recent TV series.

Wonderful friendly service award - it must go to Eminence Kitchens who helped me out recently with giving me two new hinges for a kitchen unit - see them at: www.eminencekitchens.com/default.htm

Allotment Update - well it's now been sprayed in the parts that it was meant to be including paths but not on the 4 totally organic plots - there was a huge debate - see here - and I was pleased that at least some of the plots got no spray - although I might regret - digging the plot is hard work in this sun and dry and so much bindweed (see three photos) - but wonderful to be there. We recently heard we got a lottery grant and have a series of work days planned to make paths etc.

Laburnam bench - the bench in Bread Street (see photos)has been tarted up in readiness for the street party on the Big Lunch weekend - big thanks to Andy, Louise and Guy for lots of wire brushing and more - it is unrecognisable!!!

Getting old bikes back on the road - I mentioned these folks here on my blog - well now they have a website - AW bikes - the two guys are at college and will take any old bike so rather than landfill give these a call: http://awbikes.yolasite.com/

Burnt car in Bread Street - see more here - it is being investigate by police but at the moment no indication of arson - photo of burnt fence.

Far Westrip and Sandpits Lane - just as we celebrate the news of resurfacing - lovely job - see here - we discover they plan to dig the road up for gas! What an utter nonsense and waste of money.

Send belated birthday greetings to the Dalai Lama - 75 and for decades he has given us all hope setting a generous example of wisdom, non-violence and compassion for a better world. Now we can return the favour courtesy of Avaaz and send the Dalai Lama a birthday tribute! Go to: www.avaaz.org/en/dalai_lamas_birthday/?vl

Midsummer Magic - I meant to say what a great night it was in Randwick Village Hall - see flyer here. Lots of great dancing and amazing food - and hopefully raised some money for the Green party.

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