11 Jun 2010

Election apology: no eggs thrown

Last night's Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish Council meeting saw the reelection of John Rogers as Chair and Rebecca Charley as Vice-Chair of the Council. Two new councillors, Nigel Smith and Vanessa Price were welcomed.

Then it was to a discussion re the Parish election.......as regular blog readers will know the result was announced then changed and has now changed back - see here - understandably folk were angry - one councillor had been told she was not elected after being informed she had been while another was twice told she was elected yet hadn't been....had not David Hagg, the Returning Officer for SDC, reacted with speed and care to investigate and put things right I suspect eggs might have been thrown....well maybe not....

Photo: view of Ruscombe

Anyhow Mr Hagg was at the Parish Council along with the Deputy Returning Officer to apologise - here is what he said to the media although he answered more questions last night and gave assurances as far as possible that it would not occur again: "The election result was declared and published on Friday 28th May and there the matter should end. Why the website details were changed the following week is the subject of investigation as there is no basis for this and was done without the knowledge of the Returning Officer. He has issued an apology to all 10 candidates and the parish clerk."

I stayed for the first hour of the meeting as I had another commitment and gave a brief report of some key issues like local planning enforcement and an update from Highways re 20 mph - we are still struggling to get anywhere - but our County Councillor Anthony Blackburn is trying hard - the Parish last night agreed to launch a petition to the County - I am hoping that will be for a 20 mph across the whole area rather than just outside the school. Anyhow more of that soon and the Parish website will have their minutes of this meeting on their website soon.

Other bits of news incl plans for replacement of notice board near Playing fields, 4 new planters for the school railings, dog bin for behind the church and the basketball hoop is getting closer to going up.

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