15 May 2010

Randwick woods: at their best

Randwick woods - Standish Woods as they are officially known - are at their best with the bluebells - although I have to say they are always wonderful whatever the time of year - see the wood anenomes here and here with snow and here re the woodfuel project which is still being planned - infact was hoping to have meeting this week but it didn't happen.

Photos: taken just before election when I helped with some 30 children from Woodcraft Folk

This morning is a plant sale at the Village Shop from 9.30 then to the Whiteshill Village Hall to discuss the Parish Plan - open to anyone to call in - see you there?

I have managed to get a short great video to show at the Village Hall by Tony Wilton - it was used by the Randwick Parish group to show the implications of development in the Ruscombe Valley. It was showing at the Wap last weekend - see more about Randwick's plan here - and here about the recent Core Strategy consultation.


Anonymous said...

The woods look beautiful! By the way, do you know why we are no longer allowed to walk in Ruscombe woods? I was quite shocked to see the private signs recently. Such a shame we cannot enjoy it any longer.

Philip Booth said...

I know there is a part that the owner has fenced off - not sure reasons - as you say a great shame when more bits of our woodland are shut off - thank goodness the community bought Standish Woods then NT took over - see more re rights of way here:

Was it used previously as a right of way?

Anonymous said...

I have walked in Ruscombe woods for years, there are clearly defined footpaths. I'm not sure what the situation is as the signs say private woodland which i take as meaning they're privately owned but you can still use the old rights of way...

Philip Booth said...

Randwick Woods or Standish woods are mostly owned by National Trust - which of course doesn't mean we are entitled to do whatever like take wood etc - most parts of Ruscombe woods are privately owned but there are as you say rights of way through them. It would be interesting to see which are registered as public rights of way....?