23 May 2010

Nestle U-turn, now HSBC must see sense

Nestlé and I have never seen eye to eye and their recent refusal to stop using palm oil from companies destroying Indonesia's rainforests was just another example of extreme corporate greed and breakdown of any sense of justice - see my blog here - yet this last week I hear that Nestle have done a U-turn and are indeed planning to give the rain forests and orang-utans a break.

Nestle have just finalised a plan to identify and remove any companies in their supply chain with links to deforestation, so their products will have a 'no deforestation footprint'. Nestlé are not known to give in easily, so everyone who has taken action on this campaign should feel good - thanks especially to the folks at Greenpeace and 'enoughsenough' for leading the campaign.

Now it's time to get to grips with those who are funding rainforest destruction, starting with the world's 'local bank' HSBC. Join me in sending them an email to Michael Geoghegan, HSBC's CEO, from here.

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