22 Mar 2010

Nestle blunder on with wholly unacceptable policies

Greenpeace launched a controversial Kit Kat advert on Wednesday and demanded that Nestlé stop using palm oil from companies destroying Indonesia's rainforests - and threatening the livelihoods of local people and pushing orang-utans towards extinction. As they report in their latest email events have unfolded rapidly Here is their quick recap:

• Nestlé told Youtube to pull our video due to copyright infringement. It was later reinstated, but not before we'd uploaded it elsewhere and asked supporters to do the same. Current number of views: 585,000 and counting.
• Facebook users went to Nestlé's fan page to ask what the company was doing about their palm oil suppliers, where they were met with rude and arrogant responses from the company. Word of this spread like wildfire around the internet, and has been the talk of many high-profile blogs and news websites.

• Thousands of people around the world sent Nestlé CEO Paul Bulcke emails, but we've discovered that Nestlé blocked many of these. Now, emails are going to André Kudelski, a member of the board of directors, and we're working out what to do with the ones which didn't get through.

Nestlé have issued a statement saying that they'll stop buying directly from the worst supplier, Sinar Mas, but this doesn't go far enough as much of their palm oil comes through third parties, like Cargill, who continue to buy palm oil from Sinar Mas.

It seems our actions are having a big impact at Nestlé HQ. If you haven't already, please consider emailing Nestlé to ask that they stop using palm oil.
"We all deserve to have a break - but having one shouldn't involve taking a bite out of Indonesia's precious rainforests. We're asking Nestlé to give rainforests and orang-utans a break and stop buying palm oil from destroyed forests." Greenpeace
See the video and more about the campaign here- plus you can email Nestle from that website. Lastly you can use the biofuel 'label' below to link to previous blogs on palm oil. And long ago I was involved in the campaign to try and stop Nestle selling it's powdered baby milk - see here and to try and get them to improve their labeling - see here.

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