23 Mar 2010

Lease signed on allotments! Yippee!

The Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish meeting had lots of interesting stuff - I ended up staying to the end - after 10pm. Well just to give a very very brief update (full minutes will come here when available):

Photos: allotment site last summer!

Allotments: yes at last the lease has been signed - well done to all for lots of hard work - the site now needs clearing urgently before nesting - and it looks like we have a first meeting later this month of the allotment holders to elect an Association and work out division of the plots - they will be small plots but at least it is a start - my hope is that if this works on this private site we can use the model elsewhere. More on all this soon - we may even get veg in this year??

20 mph: the Parish have written also to Highways regarding their request to take the 20 is Plenty signs down - see my letter here. I've since had a reply and am hoping we can have a meeting to discuss further.

Basketball hoop: I can hardly believe this is still going on but it is still planned - we are waiting for a new pole before it can go up!

Parish Plan: the Parish are hoping to embark on one soon - hopefully in next couple of months to start - see Randwick Parish's review of their plan here.

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