2 Apr 2010

Become a WIMBY!

Whilst polls reveal overwhelming support for wind energy - 74% are in favour of increasing it - a staggering 75% of onshore applications are being turned down by planning committees.

Photos: Danish turbines and notice in a cafe in Devon

Apparently at Rednock School when they had the candidates there recently, Martin Whiteside asked if people wanted wind turbines at Stinchcombe beside the motorway - 4 times the number said yes. It is also good news that the monitoring mast can go-ahead there after being turned down by Labour and Conservative councillors on the Development Control Committee (see here re that vote and here for Q&As re Stinchcombe).

WIMBY stands for Wind in My Back Yard. It was influenced by Facebook groups who are already campaigning for wind energy in the UK. For example, more than 37,000 people are already members of groups such as Put a Windfarm in My Backyard if You Like.

One of the biggest challenges we face is opposition from a vocal minority at a local level. That's why this new campaign has been established - ‘I am a WIMBY’ – to say that you’d be happy to have wind power in your back yard. You can sign the petition by going to the campaign page.

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