14 Mar 2010

Sustainable Communities Act needs help!

On Tuesday this week the Sustainable Communities Act Amendment Bill successfully cleared its Committee Stage in the House of Commons. On Friday it was due to have its final House of Commons stage but it ran out of time. Please join in an email action.

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It is vital that the Bill becomes law before the General Election as it will ensure the Sustainable Communities Act's 'bottom up' process is ongoing, and so continue allow communities and councils to submit proposals for government action to promote thriving communities. The Government supports the Bill but they need to ensure that it receives enough Parliamentary time in the next few weeks in order for it to become law. Please help.

Please email Secretaries of State, Harriet Harman and John Denham urging them to ensure the Sustainable Communities Act Amendment Bill receives the time it needs to become law before the General Election. A sample email that I sent is below.
Harriet Harman's email address is harmanh(at)parliament.uk
John Denham's email address is denhamj(at)parliament.uk

See more re the Act here.

Dear Harriet Harman / John Denham,

I was very disappointed to see that the Sustainable Communities Act Amendment Bill did not go through its final Commons stage successfully. This Bill is vital as it will ensure that the involvement seen in the Sustainable Communities Act is ongoing. I ask that you please do all you can to ensure the Bill receives the Parliamentary time it needs in order to become law before the General Election.

Yours sincerely,

Cllr. Philip Booth

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