28 Apr 2009

Ideas for taking forward the Sustainable Communities Act?

The Sustainable Communities Bill was finally passed this month at the District Council - Greens put a motion in a while back - see here. So now how to use it?

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I started to draft a proposal for use of the Sustainable Communities Act below but following conversations with Transition Stroud and time and other commitments it seems such an idea will have to wait. It originally was adapted from other campaigners but it will need further research - for now we need a simpler, quicker suggestion for trying out the Act? Any thoughts? Anyone interested in taking forward?

Draft proposal: The economic downturn will have a huge impact on our local communities. Many of our local shops and businesses are being hit hard. We would like to consider how the Act could be used regarding parking at out-of-town supermarkets. Supermarkets don't pay non-domestic rates on their car parking spaces yet many local traders in our towns are affected by double yellow lines and parking costs. It is not a level playing field. The Act we consider could let non domestic rates be levied on those parking spaces. We could then waiver those charges if the supermarket agreed to a stated percentage of local goods for sale. This could be an important boost for local farms and businesses creating jobs and economic activity.

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Phil Green said...

I'd suggest this to the councils where I live but unfortunately neither (two-tier) have opted in. So wondered if I could interest you in 'Open national and local carbon accounts' http://sca21.wikia.com/wiki/Open_national_and_local_carbon_accounts
{sorry about the ads, singed in users get an ad free version), which would help with the idea of participatory carbon budgeting