28 Apr 2009

Grit bins, 20 is Plenty, Gullies and more

My internet connection is not working well today - I was going to write about a whole host of County Council related stuff that I have been chasing but quite frankly I would bore you if I gave all the details - so many emails and conversations but here is the gist of some of it...

Grit bins. Well once again this has absorbed lots of time from vandalised bins, missing bins and apparent differences in policy on bins between Parishes...do contact me if you want to know more! Suffice to say some bins in each Parish have been identified to be replaced and I have others that I think need action. Whiteshill and Ruscombe Parish are planning these nice wooden ones for some sites (see photo).

'20 is Plenty' in Whiteshill and Ruscombe. This has at last been approved by Highways despite apparent differences of policy by Highways to the Parish Councils. Again the details are too boring! Photo of our planning meeting touring the Parish to identify problems recently.

Safe Routes to School. See previous blog here. The details of Government policy are still not knbown and are unlikely to be for a while - sadly the County note to me that Safe Routes will still not be prioritised - this is not just about reducing accidents, but also increasing the number of people who feel happy walking and cycling to school and work. That can play a significant role in reducing traffic and consequent CO2 emissions - of course one of the most significant factors is getting 20 mph in residential areas - see the many, many previous blogs on that.

Gully clearance. There have been rumours of cuts to the Gully clearing programme - but I am assured it has not been cut and a new contract has been signed - I am still seeking info about what that might mean in practice for this area?

Consultation re Highways issues. There is no question that it is v difficult for Highways Officers who often have to repeat information several times to various people asking questions - we are fortunate that most respond well to the queries and questions from Councils and members of the public. It is not always an easy task. However there is always room to improve and get the balance right between consultation and action. Ideas would be welcomed from folk. Certainly I would like to see more public and local councillor involvement even if it is only once a year to raise issues and play a part in improving services.

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